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Ok, so recently i've came upon a problem in my PC.
What happens is that my PCs performance goes to the shitter, but at random times.

I know how to fix it, I have to go to the bios every time i launch my PC and it doesn't occur on that RUN, However if i restart and DON'T go into bios, I start getting crackling noise in my headset, and a game that i can run on ultra 60 fps, goes down to 5fps.

I don't know what to pinpoint the problem at, its very annoying too.

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  1. What is the temperature of your CPU and GPU?
  2. Computersloeber said:
    What is the temperature of your CPU and GPU?

    Both idle at around 35 and come up to 70 when under stress.
    I had a heat issue before, it went up to 100 but it didn't cause lag like this, only when it needed to cool down which was for a few seconds.

    I can hear my GPU not work, as in the fans.
    Usually when i run the game on ultra they speed up a bit and fps is steady
    When what i said happens they just remain as they are, quiet, and its very heavy lag.
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