Canon i560 injet drivers off MS's site won't install - Win7

I finally managed to d/l the x64 driver for this printer directly from MS's update site as opposed to doing it through update driver since I want a copy of the driver so I can load off line like I do with all other drivers for the past 13 years.
I finally managed to figure out how to get the driver without using the "update driver" through Device Manager that automatically d/l's the driver, installs it but with no copy saved for backup. You have to repeat the process if you re-install the O/S which is stupid and unnecessary.

That is after you change the setting under "Device Installation Settings" to "Yes do this automatically" since it won't work if you leave it at the default setting.

The two packages I have are x86 & x64 for this i560. Using the .inf file, both return the same message that is isn't the correct driver. There is no .exe so I can run it by itself.

Canon has some file that is suppose to work, but with no details just how to use it. A fix for the problem. I tried that, but that has absolutely no effect.

Any ideas here, I have never needed to do all of this for any device .
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    use this link and the plug in with the translator and it will lead you to the driver you need this is all free .
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