Fx 8120 safe overclock with H60?

I have a gaming computer gtx 680 8gb Ram H60 cooler Fx8120 SSD Asus 990 fx, and I want to overclock the fx 8120 because when I play Ghost Recon Future soldier, I'm sometimes getting frames of 20 fps, and the GPU usage is only 50%, but when I exit the game the CPU usage was at 100%. So I want to overclock the 8120 to 4ghz. I've got an H60 cooler and was wondering if it was possible to safely do this. By the way I'm really new to overclocking so nothing too technical please. Just wondering what multiplier I would ramp up to and if I had to change the voltage and stuff. But I want to emphasise that I want this to be safe and that I don't have much money so please don't answer with "buy a better CPU" or something like that. Also if anyone could tell me why Ghost Recon future soldier is using 100% of the CPU and maybe if there is a different problem, that would be appreciated
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    4ghz is very easy. You should only need to bump the multiplier. Little temp increase. I always recommend using core temp under all loads though so you know whats going on. If you spend a little time tinkering, I would think that you could reach 4.5ghz comfortably. There are tons of guides, reviews, forum posts available that will make the adventure less time consuming and less stressful. Good luck!
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