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I had an old PC that was sitting in the apartment for a long time and I finally that it would be nice if I got it back to work again. I have to warn you that it is really old and actually it isn't really important to get it all back to work, but at least find out why it doesn't work anymore.
The specs are:
Motherboard: Intel D815EEA2 370 socket,
CPU: Pentium 3 933MHz,
GPU: Nvidia MX440,
RAM: 256MB 133MHz SDR,
Also wifi card and firewire card.
I was quite little when it broke, but I have been told that it just didn't start one day. And when I opened it few days ago, the PSU was full of dust and also the CPU cooler, I mean, they were really full of dust.
There are also 2 HDDs and I would like to get the files out of them.
Can you guys help me out here?
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    If all you want to do is get the data off the two drives.
    Then your best option is to take them out and connect them to another working system.
    The drives without doubt will be of the IDE 40 pin type for the data cable, and a 12v mole x power connector will be needed to power the drives.

    The main culprit of the old system will be a duff power supply unit.
    Or a fried cpu since you stated it was caked in dust.
    Or the motherboard has given up the ghost.
  2. But I have heard that it isn't suggested to put old drives into new systems.
    And are the data cable and 12v molex connector be on the new systems?
  3. Did you try it? My guess is the PSU died which is common in old machines
  4. Did I try what? I myself thought too that it was PSU, but wanted to be sure, but the question remains, how can I connect the 2 old hard drives to my new system?
  5. Did you try it anyway? Just in case it was something simple back then?
  6. I haven't yet tried anything, when it didn't start, parents just left it to stay. And you mean did I try if it was the PSU failing?
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