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Hi all, I just bought a 4TB Seagate HDD. I put it in my Windows 7 machine, went to Disk Management to format it. it first asked me a question, I forgot what it asked exactly, but it wanted me to choose between using MBR or GPD or something. It recommended to use GPD for hardrives over 2TB, so I chose the GPD. I'm using this HDD for data storage, not as my C: drive. Did I make the right choice?
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  1. Yes you did. MBR will only get you 2TB partitions, but it can be booted from. You might have some problems with computers with XP.
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    You need to initialize the HDDs over 2TB in size with the GPT partitioning scheme.
    Here's additional info on the subject:
  3. also most moddern mobos can boot from gpd
  4. thanks guys. another quick question. when formatting to NTFS, is there a difference if you use the quick format option vs the non-quick one? i chose the non-quick option and its taking a very very long time.
  5. Yeah, you should have quick-formatted the drive. A full-format of a 4TB drive will take 4+ hours. Probably best to let it run now that you've started it.
    You only really need to full-format a drive if you're having file corruption issues that can't be fixed with the chkdsk command.
  6. thanks
  7. by the way, the hardware in my signature file is old. i have built a newer PC since then. in case anyone is wondering :)
  8. Yes, I hope this make difference between MBR and GPD clearer.
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