How is my Unigine Heaven Benchmark Score?

My Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II is overclocked to 1060MHz GPU Boost Clock and 6208MHz Memory Clock.
Even though my GPU Boost Clock is set to 1060MHz, Asus GPU Tweak shows that it reached a max of 1267MHz. Why is that?

Here is my Unigine v4.0 Benchmark info...
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  1. I'm running the Extreme Preset and Unigine v4 so maybe that makes a difference?
  2. Have you tried to compare your settings and score with others? You should try that to see if there's any difference.
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    Piddling contest?

    I run a couple of cheap HD7770s and got similar scores to you...
    On Extreme
    51FPS Average
    Score 1295

    On High Normal.
    64FPS Average
    Score 1628

    My cards cost $200 for the pair and $10 for the bridge.
    The GTX650..... was?
  4. http://

    Not sure if you can see this, here are stats for my R9 270Xs
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