I7-860@4334Mhz + HD 7970 Crossfire@1150Mhz, Is it worth upgrading CPU?

Hi folks, i have a cpu/motherboard that is 4 years old now but with up to date graphics. This is the longest time i have ever had the same cpu running my gaming system.
Will i see any real gains in games like BF3 and Crysis 3 in upgrading to either an I7-4570K/I7-4770K, I7-3820 or I7-4820K that is released in a few weeks or should i wait for 14nm Broadwell next year for the best bang for the buck?

My current system is -

CPU- I7-860 @ 4334Mhz
M/B- ASUS P7P55 WS (4x pcie2.0 x8)
RAM- G.Skill 2x4GB 2400Mhz CAS10
GPU- HD 7970 @1150Mhz x 2 (crossfire)
EYEFINITY- Dell U2311h x 3
RAID- Adaptec Raid 5805(pcie x8) with 5x 1TB HDD's
SSD- Ocz Vertex 3 120GB (pcie 2.0 x1 Transcend TS-PC3 / USB 3.0&SATA3)
PSU- BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 850W(90+)

I am running Unigine Heaven benchmark 4.0 and there doesn't seam to be a big difference between my setup and a crossfire I7-4570K.
Like i said this system is 4 years now( had crossfire hd5850 before) and i am itching to upgrade but is it worth it, i don't want to spend over £350 -£450 to find my games run 3-5fps faster.
Will any of the new chips help my crossfire/eyefinity setup?

I see that the new consoles coming out only have 1.8tflops gpu power, a single hd 7970 has twice that, is there really a need to upgrade for the next 5-6 years considering most games will be coded for the new consoles ?

Ok thanks for reading and any suggestions will be most welcome.
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    My take here is... as long as you are getting acceptable frame rates in the games you play at the resolutions you want, no need to upgrade at all (there is always the prestige factor though). You seem to be running good clocks, I think I'd be content... for now

    As far as what I have read, the X-fire problems are driver related and not a chipset/hardware issue
  2. damn your 860 @ 4334MHz :o ! (just started OC'ing mine and "struggling" [still playing with the voltages] to get 3.6Ghz stable) sorry for off-topic reply
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