Is this PC Configuration and Water cooling set up correct? (New to PC building)

Here is My PC parts list -

(I will be using the i7 4930k when that comes out).

The Graphics Cards I will be using (in 2 way SLI) - EVGA 780 Hydro Copper

Water Cooling equipment -

Hey everyone I have done a little bit more research since my last question post, but I still have a few questions...

1. Lets say I was to receive all my PC parts and all my custom water cooling equipment in the mail on the same day.... Would you suggest me to just hook everything up on the first build or should I hook up certain parts

2. (following the topic of question 1)
If I wanted to test both of the GPU's how would I go about doing so to make sure they're not DOA?

3. Also How do I remove the liquid if I wanted to upgrade CPU?


I am kinda confused on how I should begin this build process, can you correct me if anything is out of order? Thanks

1. Take everything out of the box of course
2. Put the motherboard on top of the motherboard box and install the CPU
3. Then apply the CPU water block mounts to the CPU
4. Then cut out the right size tubing for the motherboard to CPU water block
5. Then put one end of the tubing to the motherboard, and put the other end of that tube you just cut on the CPU block.
6. Then apply the I/O shield to the case.
7. Put the RAM sticks into the specified slots of the motherboard.
8. Place the motherboard in the case
9. Put all of the fans on the radiators.
10. Place the radiators in the desired location of the case.
11. Then Install the GPU's into the motherboard
12. Attach one end of the tubing to the radiator and the other end to the GPU
13. Put the SLI connector in the GPU's
14. Install the PSU
15. Install The HDD's and SSD into their cage
16. Install the Reservoir and Pump
17. Add the liquid
18. Start up the machine

Can someone simplifily this for me and correct me if my steps in order was not in order, cause what I posted felt really overwhelming.
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    32GB is useless unless your running a server. Drop down to 8GB of Ram or 16GB.
    Also check out this video:
  2. The 32 GB or RAM is for video editing
  3. 16GB of Ram is more then enough for Video Editting.
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