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I have a relatively new computer (1 month old) and lately i noticed a strange graphics bug: I'm running windows 8 and sometimes there will be some vertical thin black lines in the program icons, and when i'm talking with someone on skype i might see 1 horizontal black line. These glitches appear at the same time and they usually go away after 10 second. What could be the problem? These lines always appear in the exact same place. I tried printscreening it but the lines don't show in the printscreen, does this mean that the problem lies with my monitor? (which seems unlikely cause the lines only appear in the start menu or skype, but not on the desktop or in chrome). I've also noticed some framedrops in League of Legends, the strange thing is that it always drops to 30 fps, but I think this could be caused by the games server.

I've monitored my temperatures and nothing seems to hot. You can see my components in the picture and I'm running the latest driver (320.49)
pic with components and temps:
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    Have you tried a clean install of the drivers or a clean install of the previous drivers?
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