Having trouble with my Asus vs247h-p's

I recently built a new machine and I decided to go with dual monitors. I have a EVGA gtx760 and two ASUS vs247 h-p's. The First time I hooked up the two monitors the left one was perfect, no discoloration or anything, however he right monitor was darker and had kind of a red tone to it. Its not an gamma problem or a color issue because when I adjust everything there's still that underlying darkness to it. I tried swapping the cables. Exchanging the cables. Nothing. To make a long story short, I talked to both asus and evga and they both told me that the monitor needed to be sent back. I got an RMA and returned the monitor. I received the replacement yesterday (brand new) and hooked it up. The new monitor is brighter with a yellowish hue! I've tried the factory reset(which did nothing because nothing was changed to either one). I seriously think that I'm doing something wrong here. Is it possible that I just have the worst luck? Should I send the new monitor back and try it again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Is it connected vis DVI, HDMI or VGA? And do you sit right in front of it? This type of monitor has a limited viewing angle and shows wrong colors outside this angle and get darker.
  2. I use DVI. When I sit down directly in front of both of them giving them the same viewing space they look totally different. I just keep thinking that there's something that I'm missing.
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    The only thing i can thing of is a different color setup for the second connector in the nvidia driver. But if you say you can swap the connection and the problem stays on the same monitor, it seem to be a second rma case.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Thanks.
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