cpu fan speed and core's temperatures problem with Q6600


First,, sorry if my english is not very understandable, i am from Holland.
Also, i have very limited knowledge about computer hardware.
Strange things are happening with my cpu temps and cpu fan. That is why i have done the following: I have succesfully unplugged the cpu cooler fan, and then unplugged the fan, and cleaned both dust-free. Then i succesfully placed everything back to it's place. However, the problem still excists.
After the cleanup, i started my computer. Then i started uninstalling some programs i did not need anymore via control panel, and browsing the internet for some general information about spyware and computer information. This took me about 1 hour. Now most of the time when i visit a webpage, or wait for a program to be uninstalled, my cpu fan changes constantly from 1600 to 2300 rpm, for example, the fan's noise get's loud every 5 seconds going up to 2300 rpm when i am only staying idle on the CPU forum page doing nothing. (Before the cleanup, while gaming, it went to 3100 rpm. I don't know after i cleaned up, because i do not dare to open a game) The constant change when the fan speed goes up can be heard very loud and clear, and then drop back again after a few seconds. In this 1 hour of only uninstalling programs and surfing the internet, this is the minimum and maximum speed and temperature changes as shown in CPUID Hardware Monitor:

cpu fan speed:
1534 rpm - 2280 rpm

core 2 quad Q6600:
Core #0 : 45C - 60C
Core #2 : 39C - 58C
Core #1 : 45C - 62C
Core #3 : 37C - 52C

I am not certain, but there is a chance that this problem has started since i replaced my psu. The reason for this new psu placement is because i also placed a new videocard, and i needed a better psu for it so i bought one that was recommended to me, when i asked for help what psu to buy with my new videocard.

My computer info:

Motherboard: Asus P5VD2-VM, Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
Fan: Standard Intel LGA775 Processor Fan
Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Videocard: nVidia Gefore GT 440 2gb memory
Memory: 2x 1024gb ddr2
Psu: Corsair CX430 430W
Os: Windows Vista Ultimate sp2

And if it helps to provide my voltages info which i have no knowledge about, this is it from min to max:

CPU VCORE: 1.10v - 1.26v
VIN1: 3.26v - 3.30v
+3.3v: 3.02v - 3.06v
+5v: 5.03v - 5.08v
+12v: 11.78v - 11.97v
+5v VCCH: 5.03v - 5.08v
Gefore GT 440:
VIN0: 0.88v - 1.10v

Could the solution be to buy a new cpu fan cooler ?
Or perhaps i need a stronger psu ?
I am planning to buy thermal paste and new cpu fan cooler and apply it on my cpu. Some suggestions i will appriciate.
I think at least that is worth doing after using my pc for 2-3 years now.
Thanks for reading.


ps: Because there where many account problems, i could not continue my older thread concerning this same problem, apologies for any inconvenience.

pss: Motherboard Monitor alerts me with this message:
'Alarm for core 0, it has reached 1.11 Volt'. Should i worry?
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  1. After cleaning the HSF, did you apply new thermal paste? How did you do it? Do you have the same issues if you reinstall the old PSU? CPU VCORE 1.11v is low, but it isn't an issue if the system is stable. What utility are you using to monitor voltages (the 3.3v is out of specs, but I don't trust utilities to check voltages)? Asus Hardware Monitor? Are all voltages correct in the BIOS (I would trust the BIOS over utilities)?
  2. After i cleaned up the cpu fan, i just placed it back as it was without any thermal paste, but i am planning on buying it tomorrow. The way i did it, was the way he did it in this video, it was very helpfull for me as it was my first time removing my intel socket:
    Placing it back was no problem. I do not know if the problem will remain after i place my old psu, because i do not have it anymore. Ok my system is stable, except for the cpu fan and temperatures, so i will not worry about the alert message then. The utility i use for voltages is CPUID Hardware Monitor version 1.19.0. Driver version: 135. What do you mean 'out of spec'? How can i know if the voltages are correct in the bios? Please explain?


    ps: I plan to buy this cooler, it comes with thermal paste as well. Your thoughts please ? I prefer to buy from conrad as they ship it to Netherlands within a few days.
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    No wonder you have temperature issues. Buy and apply AS5 (very thin layer as it's purpose is to fill the voids between the HSF and the CPU) and it should resolve your issue. Don't bother with the old PSU; the lack of thermal paste explains the high temps. The new cooler is better, but it isn't required if you don't overclock.

    Don't rely on software for voltages; check the BIOS or use a DVM.
  4. Can i buy the cooler from the link i provided in my previous reply and apply the paste that comes with that cpu cooler package, or is it essential and important to specificly apply AS5? Using a DVM is way above my understanding for now. Do i need to clean the paste that is currently on my cpu, or can i just apply the new paste covering the old paste ? I think the best thing to do is to remove it with alcohol first and then to apply the paste ofcourse. After reading the thermal paste guides, this shouldn't be a problem. I will update once the job is done. Also, I was thinking, could the solution partly be to update my bios driver? My bios version is older then 2 years. Not sure if this would improve anything, but knowing the risks of doing such a thing i should best leave it alone unless suggested otherwise.

    Edit: I will go for the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 and order me AS5.

    Thank you.

  5. Thermal paste already is included with the cooler and it's as good as AS5. You need to clean the old paste using alcohol. A BIOS update should be performed only if it resolves an issue; the latest BIOS revision is 1302 and it's dated 2008/08/14.
  6. I ordered the Freezer Rev 2, AS5 paste and the cleaning alcohol from I could have picked a better cooler, but I'd rather stay away from the back of my mobo. The Freezer Rev 2 has good costumer reviews. I will update you once i place the new cooler. Let's hope my next reply confirms your solution :)
  7. Hi

    Today at 18:00 i recieved the package i ordered on sunday! Very nice. An hour ago, i unpacked it, and found the 3 items I ordered. Before that, i have looked up some information, and came to the conclusion, based on other people's comments, that the pre-applied pasta on the heatsink a very good quality is, exactly as you said. So i decided to install it wihout the effort of applying the AS5. I cleaned up the cpu with the alcohol i ordered and after some struggle i succesfully installed it. Then i started up my computer, and I am very happy that there was no error message or anything strange happened :)
    The idle core temperatures have decreased bye approximately 15 - 30 C degrees!! ->
    while few hours ago when i was on the net surfing, the idle temps were constantly changing between 45-60! The cpu fan I can hardly hear now!
    I guess i have no changes to make in the bios, but if i do, I would gladly hear it.

    Many thanks GhislainG,
    Your help It's very much appriciated!

  8. It should be fine. Have you checked your temps while running Prime95 torture tests?
  9. No i have not. Should I run Prime95 test ?
  10. You don't have to, but I would just to see what the maximum temperature is.
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