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Hey guys, I am new here...

I have an computer I built about 8 years ago. It has an AMD 64 3700+ single core processor at 2.4GHz with an Asus K8V-X 754 Motherboard. At most times, watching a video on YouTube uses 100% CPU. I want to know if overclocking the CPU from 2.2 to 2.7GHz would help in any way.

The CPU temperatures on this stay 40 C at idle and 48 C at full load. I have a 140mm XIGMATEK Heatsink and Fan that keeps it cool.

Would overclocking it help boost the speed?
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    Yes overclocking would boost the speed :)
  2. the 3700+ should do 2.5ghz easily. any more than that is asking alot if yer motherboard cant lock pci/agp frequencies. you risk corrupting your hdds or worse.
    the chip itself is capable of 2600mhz with a good motherboard that lets you lock down pci/agp to 33/66mhz, and adjust northbridge multipliers to get your ht clock back down where it should be once you raise the ref clock.
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