Windows 8 idle CPU usage high

Hi Folks,

Just recently managed to clean install Windows 8 on my new rig but I'm seing a constant 30% CPU usage at idle.

Has anyone experienced this?

Previous OS was Windows 7 and that never had a problem using the same drivers etc.

Any insights on how to find the resource hungry culprit?
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    It might simple be the working power saving feature. The cpu lowers the frequency and so the workload of background tasks seams to be high. Anyway: start the test manger, sort the task by cpu load and see, what's on the top. It might be your virus scanner, indexing service or any other background task.
  2. It was Desktop Windows Manager at 25-30% CPU usage, after some digging around I read stories of laptops with their display off causing this problem to occur.

    I should have given more background to my problem: I run a desktop as a workhorse machine with nothing but power plugged in, I remote desktop into the machine to use its power when needed.

    So I have no screen plugged in, and in this is where the problem lies, similar to the laptop problems I mentioned earlier.

    With no screen plugged in dwm.exe shoots to 25-30% CPU on idle, once a screen is plugged in (even when the screen is off) the problem disappears and CPU utilisation returns to normal 0-5% on idle.

    Now the question is why is this happening in Windows 8? the same system running Windows 7 had no issue.

    Graphics driver problem?
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