Predictions about 8 core processors and performance with the PS4/XBOX one coming out?


What are some people's predictions about how 8 core processors will perform with the PS4/XBOX one coming out?
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  1. The 8 core cpu performance is slightly lower then the i3 3220 or fx4300 or a10-6800k. The cpu is already limiting most game designers with low fps and detail as it can't handle it. You have to remember the cpu is suppose to be a 35w tdp part and amd top end 35w part on the laptop is slower then even intels entry level ulv core i3 17w part which actually takes 10w.

    Its a real shame in 2013 having such slow processors in these consoles is ridiculous all to save money they sabotaged the performance drastically. Everything about the consoles was fine till they released a netbook cpu in the consoles.
  2. ..waiting for xb2
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    There will be some interesting developments, but nothing that changes the game completely. I think we'll finally see a nice bump towards parallelism, which will carry benefits.

    Beyond that, for me, making an educated guess or prediction is difficult. There are some unseen factors being thrown into the mix that makes a lot of what can be said not much better than conjecture. Of all things, I am most interested in seeing what they will accomplish in terms of drivers.
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