Computer randomly freezes after a day

Say, I have my PC on for about a day (12-15 hours) it would start making the system completely unusable.

This would literally hang my computer for a good 3 seconds EVERY 5-6 seconds. I can't move my mouse, use caps lock to switch, etc.

I tried going to a streaming website ( and I would have no sound and the video would start lagging or play extremely slow.

I've done checkdisk outside running OS and it didn't help.

I'm not even sure if its my HDD problem but temperatures of CPU and GPU are amazingly stable. I think the key point here is that it starts doing after a day use.

It just randomly started happening and it's killing me. Please help!
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    You may need to clean it of registry errors and other crap. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both. If it is really bad, you may have to run it more than once.

    Then check how many pgms and apps are running in the background. go to System Config/startup tab and see how many boxes you have checked. Let me know.
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