Core i7 Sandy Bridge Engineering sample - Best motherboard?

I have had for a while (obtained in a lot of salvage parts), an ES Core i7 Sandy bridge. I finally got around to monkeying with it, and it's a peculiar chip. I (did the right thing and) contacted Intel about it. They gave me the option of keeping it and playing with it, or sending it back for nothing in return. I chose the former :)...

But it doesn't like the asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 I threw it in. It will only see 8GB of the 16GB of ram installed, and will only boot if I clear the CMOS before each reboot, remembering NOT to save changes to the BIOS before proceeding. Not exactly convenient. When it boots, it runs great! Here's the CPUZ:

The board works fine with a stock retail SB i3, and it's got the latest BIOS, so I'll chalk it up to board and ES CPU eccentricity/compatibility.

Question is, given the oddball stepping etc. in that CPUZ, can anyone recommend a board that would likely be compatible? Any thoughts appreciated. I can paste the bulk of the CPU-Z vomit if necessary as well.
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  1. i doubt you are going to find a board that works perfectly with that chip.
  2. Haha, thanks for all the great information! In any case, I found a board and the appropriate BIOS setting that allows this chip to be used and overclocked with great reliability. Call this one solved!
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    You can do wonders with ES chips, just no telling with them, a lot use different and somewhat experimental silicon, can have a better idea if you know where it was sent originally, they send o lot os ESs to the mobo and DRAM makers
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