High-end computer struggling to run games?

I've been attempting to run games such as Saints Row 2, Final Fantasy 14: Realm Reborn and Guild Wars 2 and my graphics are always very unstable.

I can't run any of these games on maximum even though my system specs should allow me to.

Even running these games on semi-high settings gives me unstable frames between 30-50.


GeForce GTX 670

i-5 3570k @ 3.4ghz


750W PSU

Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition

I've tried fresh installing Windows 7 and updating the graphics driver to the newest beta driver and I'm still seeing a performance loss on these games.

Checking my temperatures with SpeedFan, everything seems fine. My GPU sits around 35-40C on max fan speed and my CPU sits around 40 as well.

What is some basic troubleshooting I can do to test if something is bottlenecking my computer?
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  1. Have you tried stress-testing your processor and graphics card?
    Have you checked your gpu % usage when you're gaming?
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