Best CPU+GPU+Mobo for ArmA 3 under 500?

Hello Toms Hardware :]

I have 500$ to burn, give or take 50. Currently I have an AMD Phenom ii x4 945 3.0ghz CPU, 430watt corsair 80+ bronze psu, and an Asus HD7750 1gb v2 GPU.

For $500, what upgrade would increase the performance most significantly? Should I get a new CPU, GPU, and Mobo, or just a new GPU, or just a new CPU and Mobo?

I already asked this question, but I got a shit response. Some guy told me to get an FX6300 and an MSI HD 7970 3GB.

Should I get an i7 and keep the same GFX card (because I don't lag singleplayer, just multiplayer. This must be a CPU issue) or what ? Someone please guide me what I should choose :[
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    This is a gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart that comes out here each month and as you can see the CPU that you have is an AMD third level and fourth level overall.

    Counting rebates you could go with this CPU,GPU Mobo combo and drasticly imptove your system. I don't know if your ram is ok but if you have DDR3 and 8gb you should be ok. You will have to increase the power supply to 550w for the video card.
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