What is a normal temperature for a processor?

Hello all,
Just wondering if my H60 Corsair cooler is doing its job. I have a Pentium 4, 3.6Ghz, Dual Core processor and it runs from 47 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. Never above or below those values. Just wondering if that is normal. Thanks!
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  1. Well to be a smart mouth a normal temperature would be room temperature.

    That temperature range is normal.

    My A10-5800k overclocked to 4.1ghz will idle at 36 degrees Celsius and heat up to 67 degrees Celcius. It has an integrated GPU so the temps are a bit high.
  2. pentium 4's are little space heaters. they use alot of power, generate alot of heat, and aren't fast. those temps are pretty decent (depending on the load). I would say your cooler is doing it's job.
  3. you should be looking for 10-15c above room temp at idle. The original pentium4's did run quite hot.
  4. The H60 will do about as well as most mid level air coolers.....so I don't see anything strange there.
  5. How did it come to pass that you're using one of those with a P4?
  6. u_gonna_squeal:
    Yes, hyperthreading....I shouldn't have used the term "dual core".
  7. False_Dmitry_II said:
    How did it come to pass that you're using one of those with a P4?

    My little heatsink and fan couldn't handle it. It would get upwards of 87 degrees Celsius. Shutdown temp (i think) is like 92 degrees. We don't have air conditioning where I live, and this room has terrible ventilation. I would literally start sweating when I was performing a CPU intensive task! :pfff:
    ....I bought a liquid cooler
  8. I feel pain for a P4 being in active service. I've sold a couple complete athlon x2 comps for less than $100 on craigslist in the past year.

    But yeah, those P4's are from when intel just kept turning up clock speed to get more performance. That's not really out of line from what I would expect.
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