Low CPU temperatures on AI Suite 3 on full load?

Hi guys, so I'm finally getting to grips with my pc like overclocking and stuff (happy :))

However when i was running prime95 my cpu fan and other fans was not spinning up to full. So I downloaded Asus AI suite 3 to manage the cpu fan and it was set to 100% at 60c. At that moment I was extremely confused as the fan should be on max and then realised when cpu temp RealTemp was around the 70c mark AI suite was only around the 42c mark.

So in order to get the cpu fan and other fans spinning up I had to set it to max when temp reaches 40c (the temp which corresponds with asus software). I am finding this problem / glitch very annoying and am just hoping if someone knows how to solve this or if I have a dud motherboard (asus Z87-k).

As always any assistance is extremely helpful. Thanks a lot!

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    All I can think of is check your settings in the BIOS.
  2. You can't run two temp monitoring programs at the same time as they tend to "confuse" one another.
  3. Yeah I normally only run one at a time and the results are still the same. I just had two so I could show a comparative screenshot.

    tmcclelland47: May I ask what to check in the BIOS. I've already had a look but couldn't see anything relevant in fixing this.

  4. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    I own an Asus Z77 board and this software just flat out sucks. The temps are not the actual individual core temps. It is a sensor on the motherboard that is located near the CPU socket which makes a huge difference. Remember, this software is to monitor the motherboard, not the CPU. As for the fans, you probably can't control the speed because one or more of them are not PWM. The only thing I use any type of Asus software for (I have two Asus GPUs as well) is for updating the BIOS. Asus makes excellent hardware; top of the line which is why I buy their stuff. But, when it comes to software that is where it appears they like to cut corners. Besides their UEFI BIOS, anything that runs in Windows is straight garbage. I uninstalled their GPU tweak software in favor of MSI Afterburner. My suggestion is if you want to monitor CPU temps, use Core Temp (my personal favorite) or Real Temp which you have. If you want to adjust the fans, use Speed Fan. Just don't use Speed Fan for anything else.

    Oh, so there isn't really a fix for this. I did try speedfan earlier but it couldn't find any fans thus unable to control speed :( . Is it because I have AI suite installed, and do I need to uninstall it first. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks U_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya. I'll definitely check out the manual tomorrow and hopefully sort out the problem. Oh and before I make changes to the bios should i uninstall ai suite?
  6. JackNaylorPE said:
    You can't run two temp monitoring programs at the same time as they tend to "confuse" one another.

    That is also very true...
  7. AI Suite is reading the sensor that Intel "officially" supports for monitoring temperatures. This sensor sits beneath and between the CPU cores rather than being within any of the cores. Real temp is reading the Digital Thermal Sensors within each CPU core. These sensors are not designed for monitoring temperatures, but for controlling thermal throttling or shutdown in the case of cooling failure. Motherboard manufacturers stick to what Intel says they should use. Everybody else chooses to pay attention to whatever they feel like.
  8. Hi guys and girls, thank you everyone for your help. I'm just responding to let everyone know that is issue has been fixed. So here's what I did:

    1) Uninstalled AI Suite 3 as it conflicts with settings for fan speed in the BIOS

    2) Set the CPU fan to 100% in the BIOS at 60c. Don't leave it at auto because it only spins up to 1000rpm instead of 1500rpm.

    3) Monitor fan speed with AIDA64 and enjoy cooler temps when running demanding tasks and close to silent CPU fan noise when idle or casual stuff.

    Hopefully this helps out anyone with a similar problem to myself especially if you have an asus board.

    Once again thanks everyone! :)
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