Got a new SSD, can I keep the programs on the old hard drive?

I have an interesting question. I just bought a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD to sue as a boot drive, and to have some games and stuff as well. I also want to have my 500GB drive as my programs drive, however it already has many programs that I want to keep on it. Now my question is, can I still use the programs on the old hard drive with my SSD as the boot drive? I.E. run the programs off the 500GB HDD.
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  1. Here's a good guide...

    Use this tool

    Back up your HDD using Norton ghost or acronis before doing anything
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    The reason is that your installed programs will have registry entries on the "C" drive.
    When you do a clean install of windows on the ssd, you will get a registry that knows nothing about your old installed programs.

    Samsung does have a clone app(magician) that will copy your hard drive to one of their ssd's, That is assuming that your new ssd has enough space to hold all the data.
  3. ^5 +1 what geofelt said.

    There are cloning applications that work reasonably well for the vast majority of users. However, sometimes a glitch or problem develops. A fresh clean install of the operating system and applications is the preferred method.
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