Are These Good Parts For Next Gen Games?

Hey guys,
Well its getting to that time where i need to upgrade the PC again and I have compiled a list of potential parts.

CPU - Intel S1150 4670 3.4GHz Quad Core CPU - $235
Motherboard - Gigabyte S1150 ATX GA-H87-D3H - $128
Graphics - NVIDIA GTX760 2GB Gigabyte PCIe - $339
RAM - DDR3 8GB (2x4G) G.Skill 1600MHz RipJaws - $85
HDD - 1TB Seagate 3.5" 7200rpm SATA 6Gb/s - $69
PSU - 600 Watt OCZ ModXstream PRO modular power supply - $79
Optical Drive - DVD Writer ASUS 24x - $21
Case - BitFenix ATX Shinobi Case Black - $79

Total Price - $1144.00

So what i need to know, is will this PC be able to play the next gen games being released in a few months? Eg. BF4, TitanFall, Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs etc.
It will need to run on at least medium settings, i'm not a stickler for prettiness as long as it's smooth.
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  1. whoooo wheere did that money go use pc part picker to find a better deal you can get the video card for almost $100 less dolars and the cpu for just 200
  2. Yup. You'll be happy with your performance
  3. yeah its decent enough. but as said you can get the same parts cheaper if you shop about.
  4. Best answer
    The short answer is - it should, but we don't know when or where the next Crysis (this was the first game which brought all existing hardware at that time to it knees) will come from.
  5. I'd upgrade to GTX770. It can get 43 fps average in BF4 at 1080p. The GTX 760 will be less smooth.
  6. that game will likely be star citizen... the guys writing it say that a 780 will run it at medium settings so it will be roughly 18 months before a card arrives that can max it.
  7. legokill101 said:
    whoooo wheere did that money go use pc part picker to find a better deal you can get the video card for almost $100 less dolars and the cpu for just 200

    I live in Brisbane, Australia and I am ordering from Computer Alliance, and this is the cheapest i can find it. I looked on PC Part Picker but it was more expensive on the sites it said. Plus, I would like to order from a single place and have everything arrive at once.
  8. oh your in austail yeh prices are crazy down under arent they
  9. You in US ? If you are, some nice combos that will get ya better stuff for less money.
    Corsair 500R case and TX750 . After $35 in MIR and $20 off w/ promo code EMCXMVL36, ends 9/4, ya cost is $155, $25 below ya build costs and again, nice upgrade on both counts and it will allow you to add 2nd GFX card in future.

    MSI Z87-G45 Gaming MoBo w/ i5-4670k gives you a MoBo that's won 22 Motherboard Awards and an overclockable CPU for $11 less than ya original combo

    This 760 has the highest overclock and is $260

    Cheaper and faster RAM
  10. im not sure newegg will export outside north america. if they do it will cost and arm and a leg, possibly an eye as well ;)
  11. Yeah I live in Aus and the prices are pretty bad compared to places like Newegg, but i just need to know if this system can run the new games. Also should i buy it now, or wait until the games actually come out?
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