Does a new CPU cooler take a while to settle?

As the title says, I installed an arctic cooling freezer 13 instead of my stock (noise) cooler on my FX 8350 recently. It was a new build but for the first few days the temp would go to around 50c quite often, and under prime95 load it was hitting 70c before I had to stop it. I had the AMD boost turned on (4.2Ghz)...
Thing is, after a few days the temps dropped to around 30c on normal load and 44c on prime. during this time I turned off the boost and OC'd to 4.4Ghz.
Question I'm asking is, does a new cooler take a while to settle on the CPU, with the thermal paste? maybe it wasn't sitting right?
Or was the AMD boost adding extra voltage causing the high temps?

(When I overclocked to 4.4Ghz I didn't touch the CPU voltage)

Getting the stock cooler off was a nightmare, AMD put way too much paste on it and the CPU came away from the motherboard while it was still locked in! I ended up putting the heatsink on the hob and heating carefully/slowly to prise it off..
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  1. Depends on the thermal paste. AS5 sets in after a week or 2 then your temps get lower. Some have 0 cure time. That's great you got significant temp drops.
  2. id say that the amd boost was probably increasing the voltage too high. try it with amd boost again. That seems too much of a drastic change to attribute to thermal paste setting in (burning in).
  3. When Arctic Silver 5 has finishing curing, it will only increase the performance 1-5C. What you're experiencing is definitely something else; I'm going to go with what oczdude8 was saying.
  4. Nice one, I'll check it out again there. It might have been a combination of the two.. I know from undervolting my phone (SIII) that manufacturers love giving you plenty of voltage just to cover any chips that might not be quite so good.
    But from what I heard AMD CPU's are not supposed to go over 70c so the boost function shouldn't really be hitting those temps, although if I remember correctly AMD left the Max-temp blank on their spec sheet...
  5. Right, so, I reset my bios and turned the AMD boost back on and my CPU temps are not going over 45c on prime 95. Seems it may have been the new cooler settling in after all..
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