CPU i5-2320 upgrade on dell xps8300 MoBo

I'm new on the fórum so sorry if i place this topic in the wrong place:
I have this intel core i5-2320 on my computer, have the gtx 770, 8gb ram, on the xps 8300 motherboard, with an upgraded PSU so it could support all the stuff, also new case so everything would fit nicely.
I wanted to upgrade my CPU to a better one because it is starting to bottleneck my computer. Which upgrades options do i have, or you recommend? Do i have to change my motherboard in order to do it?

Thank you

PD: I would also appreciate a comment if the ammount of ram is ok, i think it is in that "sweet spot" but im not really shure if i should upgade to 2x2gb and 2x8gb
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  1. Welcome.

    I think you'd benefit from upgrading your motherboard too. You'd have to really, if you wanted to

    use one of the newer or newest generation CPUs. You'll get more features too and get to try your

    hand at some great motherboards. What do you think your budget would be? For a CPU+motherboard.

    8GB is also the sweetspot for most games currently, yes.
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