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I got a Windows 7 Sata 80 gb Hard Drive that boots. My old computer has a 500 gb XP sata drive that i wanted to make the slave but when I added it as secondary my system loads to the XP boot but does not boot XP. I even disconnected my sata Windows 7 boot drive. But my Windows 7 boots fine without the XP secondary sata drive connected. How can I add the XP as a slave drive to my Windows 7 boot drive with Sata
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  1. Sata doesn't use master and slave setting like IDE did. It sounds like what is happening is the xp drive is getting put in front of the win 7 drive in the boot order. Enter the bios with the xp drive installed and go to the boot section and in the hdd priority list move the win 7 drive to the top.
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