Reverting Back to Windows Vista

I installed windows 7 to an old computer of mine which also has a genuine copy of Windows vista. I was working fine until i went to vista and then when i went to system properties it said only 3 days until auto activation.

I am totally confused and i have no idea what to do because genuine copies of windows receive all the latest updates. I am looking for some help please help me.

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  1. So you installed Windows 7, but then decided to go back to Vista? Now with Vista installed it wont activate?

    I the above is correct, its easy to fix provided Vista is a legit copy. Right click on Computer, Properties, At the bottom click the activation link, choose activate by phone, call Microsoft and give them the information on the screen. By the end of the call you should be all set.
  2. When i click the activation link there are 3 option buy a new product key, Type a different product key and contact ACER to help resolve this problem
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