What is required in upgrading a CPU without changing the motherboard?

Hey guys! I've been thinking of upgrading my PC for a while now. My initial plan was to upgrade my Intel Pentium G640 into an AMD FX-4100/6100 with a Gigabyte mobo but read a couple threads online and decided to stay on Team Intel. I plan to keep the same motherboard because I am on a budget. But the only thing not so budget will probably be the CPU. The CPU I plan on getting would be an Intel i5 Ivy Bridge. I do play games (BF3,BO2,GMod,Minecraft) on this set-up as of now. I'll have my system displayed below!

PS. The system I have now were originally from a Lenovo H520s. All I did was just place the parts (CPU/Mobo) from that PC into a new, bigger case.

So what do I need to know/do in order to execute this plan (changing the CPU, keeping the mobo)?

My System-
Intel Pentium G640- Dual core @ 2.8ghz
4.00 GB of RAM (plan on upgrading also)
ECS H61 MATX 1.0 95W MB
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
500 GB HDD
Corsair TX550M PSU
(All inside an Antec 300) <---Yes, very budget friendly case :D

I hope you guys can help me on this; I would appreciate that and your ideas! Thanks in advance also!
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  1. Here's a list of CPUs from the ECS website... if it's the proper MB version, you should verify.


    It also tells you what BIOS version you need installed.
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