Razer Surround and Astro A50 (or any 7.1 virtual headset)

Hey guys,

Do you think A50s/A40s would benefit at all from using Razer Surround software. Only reason I ask is whether you use USB or SPDIF for your headset, both act as 2.1 for most things and then the dolby emulator thingie makes it sound surround. But with this case, Razer acts as a 7.1 system (kind of like the logitech G930s) so it gets the full channels and can better emulate the sound back to a 2.1 system.

Secondly, do you think I should keep using SPDIF or use USB for the source of my sound? It seems that the USB kind of sounds better but that may just be that song I was messing with. I dont know...

For those interested in what razer surround software is, go to Basically it acts as your main sound card as 7.1 then repeats it back out to another source inside the software.

Thank sguys!
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  1. Yes it would. I have a logitech h110 headset and Razer Surround works perfectly on it. Get it while its free.
  2. Well those are stereo with no built in emulation. My A50s come with virtualization built in. But as i said its virtualizing a 2.1 source. The razer would virtual a 7.1 source back to 2.1, meaning it would know where a sound is then try to emulate where that is. That was my thinking. But i see NO ONE talking about razer surround being used on a set that can already do virtual...
  3. Oh sorry I misunderstood your query. Yes it would work but the razer software is intended for 2.0 stereo headsets where it would work the best.
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    I gave them 5.00. Most headsets are generally average quality 2.0 cans that include simulated 5.1/7.1 sound. TO get true discrete 5.1/7.1 you need more speakers.
  5. Downloaded the software to try on my Stax cans. It says I need a razer device to use the software. Either I'm doing something wrong or that kinda sucks. hehe
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