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We are currently building a computer for my son his year. In addition we wanted to include water cooling being that this is our third build we feel comfortable entering the WC arena.

Thus far here is what we have purchased:

Case- Phantom Full Tower
Mobo- Asus P8H67-B3
CPU- Intel-Core-i7-3770K-Processor
PSU- CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W

My question in reference to the water cooling is are there any kits that we can include which do not require any major modifications to the case he is really happy with the look and he does not want to change anything.

In our research we have read different points of view some say it is better and more economical to buy the parts separately. others suggest it is best to buy a complete kit.

One of the kits we looked into was the XSPC Raystorm Extreme Universal CPU Water cooling Kit w/ RX360 Radiator/750 Pump/Res.


Are there any others we may want to evaluate?

Again thanks as always in advance......

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  1. Why a H67 board and a 3770K?
    The thing wont work with the Ivy chip without a BIOS update, and being H67 you cant overclock which is the point of a K series chip.
    Also a 750W PSU for a board that cant support dual graphics cards (16x/4x bandwidth) or overclocking is completely pointless.

    You might want to revise your build before you look into water-cooling it.
  2. manofchalk :

    Thanks for the reply as far as the Mobo my son had originally purchased it before we got involved in the build. However we agree that we may need to reconfigure the build. I personally like the Gigabyte board our last build was with a UD-7 and am very pleased with it and have been running a solid 4g for several years without a problem.

    I was considering the Gigabyte UD-9 unless you have any other suggestions.

    again thank you for the feedback we appreciate it!

  3. A Xspc kit is a good choice. Perfect for beginners.
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    I would go for something like a GA-Z77X-D3H, no need to spend a ton on a motherboard if you aren't going to overclocking to the utmost degree.

    An XSPC Raystorm kit is a good beginner option, and they are good for the price you get them at. Which one will depend on your case and your upgrade plans for the loop.
  5. Thanks all for the feedback appreciate you taking the time.......
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