Looking for a headset for mostly music and sometimes gaming

What I need:
- Very heavy bass, minimal distortion yet still skull rattling.
- Good build quality.
- Great mids, highs don't really matter to me, I want to hear the singer and the bass.
- USB connection, be it via sound card or whatever, my headphone jack is broken
- Lightweight.
- Shorter cord with extension when I need it, don't need more than 3-4 feet, 1.2 meter is good but kind of pushing it.
- under $150, preferably $100 or under.
- prefer 50mm drivers, but 40mm are fine.
- Great EQ, this is very important.
- Great drivers, this is also very important.

I will mostly be playing MMO games and listening to music, so it really should be audio quality focused. I've tried Razer carcharias, they are not even close to enough, I also have Creative tactic 3d rage but they don't have the bass I'm looking for. Something like Turtle Beach's px21 from 2 years ago would be what I'm looking for, but without the mile long cord and over 1 lb weight.

Thanks in advanced for taking the time to look at my thread and or help me with this. :)
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    honestly if your focus truly is audio quality, you're way better off avoiding USB. even if your jack is broken, invest in a cheap soundcard and get an analog headset. analog audio will almost always outperform usb and offer a much cleaner, more polished sound.

    the ATH-M50 is a great midrange model. they're at the top of your budget, but absolutely worth it. excellent soundstage and low impedance so they'll work with mobile devices too.

    if you wanna go a bit cheaper, steelseries makes an excellent pair. very bass-heavy.. not muddied either like other sub$75 models.


    Siberia V2:

    good luck man. hope u find a good headset
  2. some usb headsets arent "bad" but i agree with ranger in that some of the better headphones are analog.

    the ath-m50 is great but would require you to buy a soundcard if neither the headphone jack on your pc case or rear of your pc doesnt work.
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