bottlenecking my gtx 760?

i just installed a new motherboard and ram and cpu, my current specs are as follows:

motherboard: gigabyte z77 hd3
cpu: i5 3570k @ stock speeds
gigabyte windforce oc gtx 760
600 watt power supply
8gb of ddr3 corsair vengence ram @ 1600mhz

now my question is, every game seems to be running very well on max settings at 1080p except for a few that i feel i should be getting better fps on, one of which is hitman absolution, on absolute max settings i get 17fps, ive seen online a gtx 760 getting around 38fps average, so my question is, is my motherboard or anything else bottlenecking my videocard?
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  1. I can tell you that that i5 isn't bottlenecking you. But for your other problem, I don't know.
  2. Your CPU is powerful enough. If you're getting low FPS it could be that you push settings too far. Are you using a lot of AA? It takes a major hit on performance, it can even bring the most powerful cards to their knees, so I would try to reduce AA if you push it too far. Anyways, I never found that AA improves graphics a lot and it's a major resource hog so I tend to use only 4x.
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    If u r playing above 4AA then its normal. Dont get above 4AA, it wont be a noticeable difference but it will hurt fps very badly. There r no bottlenecks in ur system
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