12.8 GB bandwidth from xfx nvidia GT 220

Hello..... My old GT 220 1GB DDR2 shows only 12.8 GB bandwidth on GPUZ. But as I can see the specification.... it has 25 GB memory bandwidth. My pc specs are following:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 Ghz
Intel DG31pr
XFX Nvidia GT 220 1GB DDR2 (Latest drivers installed)
Windows 7 32 bit OS

Though I don't have any problem with my pc and its running all good. I hv played GTA 4 in high settings, mostwanted 2013 in med, without any problem. I just want to know what is the matter with the bandwidth. Is that the 32 bit OS? How can I have the max output from my GPU?

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. It's DDR2, so it's double rate. You double 12.8 to get 25.6.
  2. samuelspark said:
    It's DDR2, so it's double rate. You double 12.8 to get 25.6.

    Sorry. I am not clear. Do I need DDR3 mobo then?
  3. Video RAM and System RAM are completely unrelated. The type of memory used on your GT220 is DDR2 so you double your memory bandwidth.
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    Actually, I disagree. DDR2 is doubled, but in these cases I'm sure this isn't the case. Lets look at the stats.

    Notice this 25.3GBps is for the DDR3 card. With the memory clock at 790MHz. (This is the number you would double. 790MHz actual, 1580MHz effective.) Lets look at a DDR2 card.

    Look at the memory section. 800MHz, but already listed as effective. That means it's really running at 400MHz. This is why the throughput is lower then what you thought. DDR2 tops out around 500MHz/1000MHz, and DDR3 topped out around 1100/2200.
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