Pink Vertical Lines And Frozen Screen! Please Help!

I just built my computer yesterday, but today I am having some difficulty. On occasion my screen will freeze and form these pink little dots on the screen.
- I have tried another monitor, no change
-I have an APU (AMD a10-5800k)
-I have tried downloading the newest catalyst driver for amd
- I also have noticed from a program i downloaded that my system is running kind of high at 44-55 C with virtually no load.
-------My specs------------
8 gb ram
600w psu
500 GB HD @7200RPM

If you can help me figure out what could possibly be wrong that would be great, because this is causing me a big deal of stress. Thank you.
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  1. Might be a heat issue?
    Its underload or idle when it happens?
  2. The first time I was downloading bf3 when it first occured. The second time it happened it was idle except I had Origin open.
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