Uberbudget Computer a friend is selling... Good deal? (£100 8800GTX Phenom II X4 940)

Hello all,

I have a mate who's selling an old PC for £100-£120 (depending on how well I can haggle) and I'm wondering if it's a good deal? In addition, anyone know if it could run BF3 at 1388x768 on mediumish settings (don't worry too much about this one, I'd be surprised if anyone could answer it.)

AMD Phenom II X4 940 (3.4 GHz but he's definitely OC'd it somewhat from that)
Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard
NVidia Inno3d 8800GTX (768MB) (heatsink Accelero XTREME 8800)
4GB Geil Black Dragon DDR2 RAM (fairly sure 667 MHz but uncertain)
Modular Corsair AX650 PSU
Corsair A50 Heatsink
Hitachi Deskstar 500GB HDD
Arianet Cobalt Case

I think it'd be good, and I could just whack a better graphics card in if needed and save upgrading the mobo processor and ram to DDR3 later. Anyone got any thoughts?
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    That is actually a great deal, i would definitly get it, a x4 is a decent cpu and with a 8800GTX (one of the best cards ever) you will be able to run a bunch of games at medium settings, even newer ones. Seems like a good deal for that money, :)~

    edit: about bf3, my friend has an exact build (but core2quad insted of amd) and he can run newer games like bf3 and tom raider at 1280+ res medium settings decent frames. HF
  2. Not too shabby for about a hundred quid.
    Just a few points.
    If it's running XP support from Microsoft ends for that April next year, no more patches or security updates.
    The 8800 uses the G80 chip, and it HATES anti aliasing.
    This is a fairly old rig, don't expect too much from it.
    Yes, the graphics card can easily be upgraded.
  3. Cheers guys, that's really helpful. At the moment I'm running on a 1.8ghz quad core laptop with a 512mb reasonably poor graphics card, so this should be a decent step up at least. A stepping off point to improve on methinks :D
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