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Hey guys!

I'm looking for an AM3+ mAtx board to get with the new Bitfenix Prodigy M when it comes out. I've been looking around for quite a time now but I can't seem to find one that is good enough for my needs.

I'm currently running an FX-4100 (OC at 4.2ghz) on a 970A-G45 MSI atx mobo. I only use this computer for gaming/videos/internet surfing. I'm playing GuildWars2 and some old games like AoE II :) ..

Thing is ... I really like the Bitfenix Prodigy M and I'd like to downsize my computer. So I need a motherboard in the mAtx size that is able to support some OC and my gaming needs without affecting performance too much.

I've found this mobo :
(Yes I live in Canada..) But I don't know if it's going to be good enough for me to keep my FX-4100 and to OC it to have some good gaming performances.

Switching to intel is not quite an option (even tho I considered getting a 4670k + Z87 mAtx mobo) because it'd be too expensive.

Could I get some help with my problems? :)
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  1. The board in your link is an older board that has been updated with an AM3+ socket. Not as good as the ATX you have now. Unfortunately, finding a mATX AM3+ MB with a modern 900 series chipset is almost impossible. And none I've seen are great overclockers.
  2. Thank you for your answer! I was expecting that but meh .. why not ask anyway? :P

    I'm considering getting a Z87 or H87 matx board and the pentium G3220 (if the reviews are good) + the Bitfenix Prodigy M. I know it would be a set back considering my FX-4100 OC .. but I'm thinking that down the road I could easily upgrade for a 4670k or even a 4770k.
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    Since the 9-series chipsets are not available in mATX boards with an AM3+ socket, the next best solution if you want to keep the FX-4100 would be one of these with the previously released 880 chipset.

    I recently used the Asrock board in a budget build with an Athlon II processor and an HD 7750. It had more potential than I needed, and it seemed like a well designed little board. As long as you are overclocking with the unlocked multiplier, it should be fine. I'm not sure how much voltage increase the board could take though.

    Btw, as you probably know, your gaming performance will be mostly determined by what card you are using.
  4. Hey! Thanks for the suggestions! In my current setup I only upped the multiplier so I guess the Asrock could be a good solution! :) And since I'm playing mostly Guild Wars 2 (wich is a CPU-bound game) the GPU have little effect on the settings in the game.

    I guess that pairing the Asrock 880GM with my FX-4100 and my MSI 7770 could be a good setup!

    Thx for the help!
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