New gaming build problems?

Okay so I just built my new gaming pc and I'm experiencing 2 problems. My monitor isn't getting a signal from the graphics card and I don't hear any beeping coming from the motherboard. Everything else works perfectly, it powers on. fans run, all the ports work, and the cd rom works. It's just those 2 things that seem to be the problem. Any advice?
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  1. can we get full system specs?
  2. To ensure that your Motherboard is fine, try turning on the system without RAM sticks and see if it beeps or keeps doing the same.

    If it is OK, then just try plugging your screen from one port to other until you've signal, then try to install drivers for your GPU or browse in your BIOS is you've activated some kind of integrated graphic card.

    Good luck!
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    well then no wonder the power supply is a peace of crap try a corsair cx430 or a quaility psu from somone like silverstone antec, xfx, corsair, or seasonic
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