Radeon HD 7750 PSU question

Hello people of the internet. I was wondering what the PSU requirements were for the Radeon HD 7750 2GB. The current hardware is within my system as of currently.

Intel Core i5 4670K 3.4GHz
350W PSU
8GB of DDR3
Intel B85 Motherboard

Is 350W sufficient for gaming with the GPU?
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  1. 350w, what kind? brand? not just any 350w psu will do.
    i'd suggest a typical 500w 80+ Bronze psu.

    a sidenote: if you're gonna get a 4670k, why not get a z87 motherboard with it? even if you don't o.c. now, you might change your mind later (regardless of how overclockable a 4670k is).

    edit: you should also make sure it's 4 gen core processor (a.k.a. haswell-ready), just in case.
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    A decent 350w PSU will be fine for a 7750 it only uses 43w. With a stock 4670k your total system power consumption will be around 130w maybe 140w.
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