2 gtx 760s or 1 gtx 780

2 760s or 1 780s
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  1. 760's will be about 20% faster, provide more heat to contend with and need a beefier PSU. It's kind of up to what you want.
  2. A single 780 would offer the best upgrade path as you could always add another later to increase performance.
  3. Get the GTX 780 as it will consume less power and and will still give great fps also you could add another 780 later in SLI and it would save you hassle of selling the dual 760's.

    Good Luck
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    When the Titan Ultra and 790 come out the 780 and Titan should drop in price to make room for the Ultra @~<$1000 if the rumors are close. So a 780 may be a good choice if the next could be picked up for ~$550.

    New graphics cards this year

    New models would probably include more GK104/106 rebrands. NVIDIA could launch more GK208 entry-level models as well. We are probably expecting more Titanium cards with boost mode enabled. With GeForce 600 series NVIDIA launched three x50 cards, I expect 700 series to be no different.
    GeForce GTX 790 in few months?

    However this is not all. NVIDIA is also working on a new high-end model. At this point I don’t know if this is the so-called TITAN ULTRA with fully enabled GK110 GPU or, more likely, GeForce GTX 790 with two GK110s. Assuming that the full GK110 processor is somewhat dedicated to the professional segment, and NVIDIA made dual-gpu cards a standard, my bet is on GTX 790. You are probably wondering how much would it cost. I’m more than sure that $1000 range won’t be exceeded. This card is made as a response to AMD Hawaii cards which will arrive in two months. Then NVIDIA will most likely (slightly) lower their prices on GK110 graphics cards.

    In the end, Santa will have a lot of work this Christmas.
    GeForce 800 series “Maxwell” in Q1 2014

    Just as I told you in my previous posts, NVIDIA will launch next series sooner than expected. I was told by one of the manufacturers that NVIDIA will release Maxwell series in early 2014. It is expected that GeForce 800 series will arrive in the first quarter of 2014, somewhere between February and March. What it basically means is that the chances for 20nm process are low. Of course NVIDIA could already have first 20nm samples sooner than that, but TSMC will not be ready for mass production till June 2014. Thus, unless my source is wrong the first Maxwell GPUs will not be made in 20nm fabrication process, but if they are expect huge graphics cards shortage and more paper-launches.
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