Will these components work together, and will they fit in the case?

In my past thread, I asked if this would be a proper build for music production: (the hard drive is changed, since they didn't offer it where i buy the other parts...)

I am adding an external soundcard later, and the integrated intel grafics is good enough for me. All I need to know before I buy the components is; Will they fit in the case (The case is in the list)? The last thing i would want is anything colliding or being loose in there...
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    Yes everything is compatible, and yes everything will fit in the case.
  2. Nice case choice , everything will fit , enjoy your build.
  3. Thank you all very much. I will place my order then :D
  4. Will they still fit if I add a dvd-burner? XD

    Forgot to add one to the list
  5. Yes it will.
  6. Hi, get a hyper 212 evo instead of that CPU cooler
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