Replacing Graphics Card - which one to buy?

Hey guys,

my graphics card died recently and I was considering an upgrade. I built the system myself five years ago but have not been following the developments on the hardware market since then. Budget is around $150 - if it makes even sense with the dated system. If it does, maybe more. The system is intended for gaming, but I'm no hardcore gamer, usually play older games and tolerate low details settings :)

My system is as follows:
Gigabyte EP35-DS3R with PCIe 16x (1.0 I think - not quite sure)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (2.5 GHz)
Geforce 8800 GT (until recently...)

The new cards run on PCIe 3. Would it be a great performance drop to run those in an old slot like mine? Should i rather look for some old cards or buy the low end models on THG's best bang for bucks list (like HD 7770 or 7790)?

Your opinion is much appreciated!
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    HD 7770 would be a good upgrade from your 8800 GT, and will work fine with your motherboard.
    Anything higher might require a new power supply, and will probably bottleneck your CPU.
  2. Thanks for your really fast reply. I checked the integrity of the remaining hardware and just ordered a HD 7770. Cheers!
  3. No problem, I'm here for that, sir !
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