trading a sabertooth z77 for a ASUS Maximus V FORMULA

is it worth it? i'm trying to color code my whole pc black and red. So this decision is purely aesthetic would i loose some features switching to the Maximus?
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  1. If there was anything you'd 'lose' you'd prob already know, both mobos have plenty of ports, OC well, and have good features...should be happy with either, and happier with the Maximus - if you like the red/black did that with my latest (4770K) which all just sort of worked out, had already decided on the Asus Maximus Hero, and had the GSkill Tridents on hand, upscaled the CPU cooler to the CM V8 GTS in a HAF case and picked up some red led case fans - nice looking
  2. sweet yeah im gonna do it thanks ! also im building a custom water loop and it looks like this motherboard is ready for it too
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    Should be no problem with a loop, have fun.....can prob close the thread now, C U around ;)
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