Homebuilt PC, black screen buzzing speakers while gaming.

Hey guys, I've been browsing the forums the past few days in search of answers regarding the problem I've been experiencing. While playing certain games FFXIV, XCOM (it is strange that it DOES NOT occur while playing Witcher 2 at max settings or games like League of Legends) my computer hard crashes with a black screen and there is a buzzing sound coming from the speakers. I have run the windows memtest and saw no errors, temperatures look to be in safe ranges, 45C CPU temp and around 70C for the GPU (under load), voltages from the PSU seem to be within normal ranges as well.

I have done clean installs of my graphics drivers, the latest version 320.49, after removing and reinstalling the card, a Geforce GTX 660.

So I guess my question is "What next?" I'm beginning to think I have a bad piece of hardware. Thanks in advance for your responses.
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  1. Other things to check.

    run chkdsk on your HDD.

    Have you reinstalled the games with the issue yet?

    Are either your CPU or GPU overclocked?
  2. Neither my CPU or GPU have been overclocked, unless some settings were changed accidentally. I just updated the BIOS and ran the chkdsk on both hard drives, the OS is installed on a SSD and the games are on a secondary mechanical drive.

    Not sure if it's helpful but my MOBO is ASrock z77 extreme4 and the PSU is a corsair hx650.

    Also is there any good reading someone could recommend on how to decipher useful information from windows reliability logs or a similar program that could potentially point me in the direction of the source of the problem?
  3. I don't know if you still have this problem but i managed to solve it for myself and maybe someone will find this useful.

    I know it's probably not solving the cause of the problem but all of my games stopped crashing.

    Download MSI Afterburner and use it to undercloak you Graphics Card. I undercloaked mine by about 10-15% and the games stopped crashing (LoL, CoD4, The Witcher II) and there is no noticable change in performance, however the stability is now superb.

    Hope it helps,
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