What Should I Prioritise? Mouse or Keyboard

Okay so I'm looking to get a new gaming keyboard and mouse and I'm not sure which to get first as i will have to save for the other( I only have a Saturday job as I'm still in school). Also if anyone has any personal recommendations that would be great!
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  1. I have found that even a relatively inexpensive Logitech mouse (with a tilt wheel) does well enough for me in games.
    I also like my Rosewill mechanical keyboard. It was a lot more expensive than the mouse, and helps in everything, not just games. I'd go for the keyboard first, especially if you really don't like the one you have now, or it has problems.
  2. Truly depends.

    I find that having a good mouse is more helpful when playing FPS games (Battlefield, COD, Medal of Honor etc..)
    - On-the-fly DPI changer is very helpful for aiming changes.
    For example when switching from a pistol to a sniper you need to lower your DPI to get better accuracy
    - Being able to define certain keys or record macros (set key X to throw a grenade for example)
    - When combined with a decent mouse mat - gives a really good response and accuracy with no "bumps"
    Head-shots all the way!

    However, having a good keyboard is more helpful in MMORPG / RPG (WoW, Dragon Age, Path of Exile etc..)
    - Here you can have more complex macros that includes many keys (useful for combo attacks)
    - Mechanical keyboard is SO MUCH MORE comfortable, even when you're not gaming.
    Yields better response time + easier to press + lasts longer than a normal membrane keyboard.

    I would go for the keyboard as it has "dual functions". Helpful when you're playing and as well when you're not.
    It's totally up to you though :)
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