Monitor or graphics card glitching? (Strange black lines in program icons)

I have a new PC running an Asus GTX 770 with the latest driver (320.49).
After a couple of hours gaming I noticed that when I enter the start screen on windows 8 it shows some thin black lines in the program icons, the lines are on the exact same place in every icon. It seems as if my monitor or GPU has a problem displaying that particular color. After opening and closing start a couple of times it dissapears again. I tried printscreening the problem but when I watched the printscreen (after the lines were gone again) I noticed that the black lines weren't there in the picture. This makes me suspect that the problem lies with my monitor. Today I noticed the glitch again and I simply turned on and off my monitor and the lines were gone but I'm not sure wether the problem resolved itself (like it always does) or wether turning on and off the monitor actually changed something.
So my main question is: is it my graphics card or my monitor? The strange thing is that these lines always appear in the same places (points to the GPU) but yet don't show up in a printscreen (points to the monitor).
I suspect that the monitor just overheats because I've monitored my GPU's temps after a day of gaming and they are ok (see picture).
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  1. It's your monitor. If your GPU is failing, it wouldn't have those lines, it would have artifacts and it would just crash. Try using your monitor on another rig. Or try it on your onboard display.
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