Which GTX670 ?!

Alright so here's the deal: I'm planning to replace my outdated GTS450 with a new GTX670 (even though 700 series is out, the card's price-performance seems outstanding to me). So the possible versions of this card in my local store are:
Asus GeForce GTX670 2GB DirectCU Mini OC @ 292€
Gigabyte GeForce GTX670 2GB @ 315€
Gainward GeForce GTX670 2GB @ 320€
Gainward GeForce GTX670 2GB Phantom @ 335€

Well, every euro matters at the moment since I'm upgrading my rig part by part so here's my main question: Why should I NOT get the Asus Mini GPU ? I have a feeling there's a big downside, no matter how sweet it looks moneywise. My case will be the Shinobi by Bitfenix, using Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 120mm & 140mm for the case's fans. (Air Cooled)

PS. If you see my GTX670 as a bad resort, please tell me! My poor GPU knowledge + Forum/Benchmarking guidance led me to this choice. My aim with this rig is play & record WoW @ Ultra-ish Graphics (Lowered shadows & A/A) while aiming to be as future proof as possible. (Video editting is also in the mix, planning to hit the 4770k later on! )
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    Well I don't know how much are the GTX-760 selling in your country, but here in North America they cost less than the 670 and the performance is very similar (there's a slight 5% advantage for the 670, but that's negligible given the 760 cost 50$ to 100$ less).
  2. I don't see any reason to not go for the mini. Obviously it's built with mini builds in mind, but the reviews seem to be really good in terms of performance.:
  3. Get a GTX 760 or get an HD 7970. IDK what prices are like where you live but a GTX 760 performs similarly to a GTX 670 and costs $40-$60 less. Also The HD 7970 is a better choice at around $299.99. Again.. I'm not sure what prices are like in your country but here that's the thing to do right now. Personally I would get an HD 7970. It's an amazing card and it's better than the GTX 670.. And it's debatable as to whether or not it's better than the GTX 680.

    Check out the price on this thing. Not too bad if you can get it. Overclocked it can beat GTX 770/680 even when they are overclocked too in most scenarios.
  4. hd 7950 cost only 180-200$ very very good p/p, enough for all recent and near future games.
  5. Cheapest 7970 @ 370€ so I guess it's out of the question. Now, Gigabyte GeForce GTX760 2GB WindForce 3X OC (rev. 2.0) is surprisingly just at 250€ ! Will it do the job of recording at 1920x1080 while maintaining some decent FPS? I know wow is CPU heavy, I just dont know the minimums regarding GPUs for this recording matter. Also, checked the quite positive reviews of the Mini card... Nothing suspicious there either, I just wanted a second opinion! Thank you everyone for the replies, this was swift! Some more of your lights up above, please :)

    EDIT: 7950 is also @ 250€ here, so I think it gets beaten by the 760 ! Especially considering wow favors Nvidia Chips !
  6. oh from which country are you ?

    gtx 760 is a good choice
  7. I'm from Greece! Anyway, I made up my mind! I will be getting the GTX 760, thank you everyone for your replies!
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