Missing device drivers for GA-Z87X-D3H

In the Device Manager there are three devices listed under "Other Devices" and apparently none of them have drivers installed for them and they're not able to detect any online to download. They are "Ethernet Controller," "SM Bus Controller" and "Universal Serial Bus Controller."

I currently don't use an ethernet cable and know that I have an unused usb 3.0 port on the motherboard; could that cause my computer to refuse to download drivers for them, or is there some other issue I need to fix?
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  1. daxchunjae02 said:
    The most painstaking thing to do is to scour the internet with a laptop/desktop pc that has ethernet connection and to manually search for drivers regarding that motherboard, download them to a usb hdd and connect that to that unused port on the GA-Z87X-D3H and cross your fingers. Good luck!

    I was thinking some central site or application I didn't know of would be able to detect which drivers I need automatically. I searched the GigaByte site but had no such luck, unless I just overlooked it. Does anyone know any certain (trustworthy) driver sites like that?
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