i5-3330 (No turbo enabled) vs GTX 650 ti Physx fps comparation.

Tomorrow i wil download Metro 2033 and i am wonder.
Is the GTX 650 ti Physx proccesor more powerfull than my CPU.
Will i get more frames in game if i put Physx on GPU / CPU or should i let to auto.
Please help me, and explain to me why is the X better.
See yea
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  1. why not try it and post your result here.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    why not try it and post your result here.

  3. daxchunjae02 said:
    No, physx will never work on your spec, let alone on a 1x graphics card running Metro 2033. You're welcome~ =(

    In nvidia control panel is an option called nvidia physx. You can set on CPU , GPU and auto.
    I didn;t understand your answer.
    Please quick reply.
    If i set Physx on high should i set to CPU / GPU or auto?
  4. The PhysX effects in Metro 2033 are not particularly demanding like those in Metro Last Light. You would set your PhysX controls to Auto in the Nvidia Control Panel to enable the GTX 650 Ti as your PhysX processor.

    If you want to test performance CPU vs. GPU, you would select 'CPU' in the PhysX controls and then run the game. Then switch back to 'Auto' PhysX, which will automatically select the GPU. It's possible, you won't have the option to enable Hardware PhysX in the Metro 2033 game settings with the CPU selected as the PhysX processor.

    Report back and let us know how it goes. PhysX on the GPU will undoubtedly be considerably faster.
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