Sound issues with asrock board

I seem to be having a issue with the sound drivers for ASRock ConRoe1333-D667 I ge sound from only one speaker but the driver that is on there site does not work for Windows 7 Ult all so finding the sound lagging a bit any help would be good cant seem to find a link for working driver to update to

Specs are
ASRock ConRoe 1333-D667
Intel Core 2 duo E4600
4GB Kingston HyperX 1066
Windows 7 Ult
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    sometimes installing the driver in compatability mode for the version of windows it was intended can fix that, some drivers for my motherboard were like this in Windows 8. Try installing them again with "Run as Admin" and the Compatability to the version of windows the drivers are intended for, sometimes also the driver exe may need to be opened in winrar and the drivers extracted and then the Compatability mode placed on the actual installation exes that usually extract to temp.
  2. If the driver is realtechpk go to there web page for the newest driver. Try a pair of headphones in the audio output port to see if it a bad speaker plug or wire. Or bad audio plug on the mb.
  3. Yah I am using my head set now same issue only sound from the left side. going to muck around with drivers see what I can fix
  4. Well found the issue it was not the driver but the jack it is damaged so looks like time to pick up a sound card
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