Computer won't read hard drive hooked up through a USB to IDE cable

I have hooked up a previous internal hard drive to a new computer (old one died, I suspect it is a hard drive issue). I got a USB to IDE cable to hook up in an attempt to pull the files out of the old hard drive.

The computer won't recognize the hard drive in the my computer window. In the computer management section, it is showing up as there, but not initialized. It shows
"Disk 1
Not Initialized"

I right clicked and attempted to initialize the disk, but it won't. If I attempt MBR it says the disk is not ready and if I attempt the GPT, it says the disk isn't big enough.

I am thinking there is no way to get it pulled up and wanted input. I already tried putting it into a working system via switching hard drives, but it would load to the screen that says that windows didn't shut down properly and asks how you want to boot it. The keyboard is non-responsive and the hard drive won't get off that screen when it is installed as the primary hard drive for the system.

If anybody has any input, I am willing to try pretty much anything. Thanks!
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  1. install it as as a secodary drive
  2. popatim said:
    install it as as a secodary drive

    How do you do that? It won't initialize it under computer management to make it a secondary drive.
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    On the working system where you swapped hard drives, leave the working hard drive in and install this one as a second drive. Boot up off the working harddrive into the bios and make sure the old drive is seen there. If it is reboot into windows and try to recover you files from there.

    If its not seen in the bios then you have bigger problems.

    Post back when you can
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