SLI or 660

I'm trying to choose between 650 TI Boost SLI or just a single 660.

From the minor research I did I found that the 650 SLI had better performance but came with alot more cons than a single GPU would.

Which do you think I should get?
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    Neither is really worth it, a 660 isn't that much faster than a 650ti Boost for it to be worth the price gap (though its not by much), and SLIing low end cards isn't ever really a good idea.

    If you are looking for more performance, the next big jump in FPS is going to be cheapest from a 7950, which runs for about $200 depending on where you look. It's about 30% faster, though, can overclock even more. A 650Ti boost is already overclocked so cant get much more out of it.
  2. go for the 650 ti boost sli. i'm coming from a single 660 ti to a 2x 650 ti boost and the difference was big. 30fps gain for most of my games.
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